Thursday, June 25, 2009

Art from the St. Cross Bio Story...and a quick update.

Hello Friends,

Sorry about the lack of updates the last month. We've been prepping The Midnightmen Summer 2009 issue and as well as the new website and we let the updates get away from us. We should have the site up in August and the the Summer 2009 issue up for sale shortly after.

As you've seen over the last few months I've been showing various panels of the 2 page bio stories we've had commissioned. We'll as a special treat I wanted to share a full page with you. This is page 2 of the Count St. Cross story by our good friend Scott Godlewski. Scott is one hell of a nice guy, plus a tremendous artist to boot. He not only hit a home run with this story, but it was able save our bacon and do it for us before we went to press on the book. The page is the unlettered version, as the lettered version covers over the really cool pic of Hitler he did for panel 01. I can't tell you how bad Sean felt for writing so much narration on that panel. He even tried to re-write a few times so we wouldn't cover up Scott's art, however in the end we couldn't make it work. :( So I figured we could at least showcase it here. Please click on the art to see it full screen.


mattcrap said...

Scotty's been keepin secrets- what a cool surprise!

Great guys keep dropping more and more reasons to pick up this book.

Kev said...

this is cool!