Wednesday, November 14, 2007


From the journals of Dax Northender

Position: Heavy Combatant / Weapon of Last Resort
Age: 43
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
Code Designation: 11 o'clock (The 11th Hour)

The Trencher was designed to be America's ultimate soldier on the fields of the Great War. He became one of their most secret disasters. Of all the young men who volunteered for the Omega Soldier procedure in 1918, only one emerged
alive. A young man named Jason Merchant had been transformed through the use of science and pharmaceuticals into a giant hercules of a man.

But as imposing as he appeared physically, the process had taken its toll. Jason became dangerously depressed and lethargic, spending most of his time crying, or muttering to himself about his childhood. He might never have been deployed had it not been for the enormous amount of money the government had spent on him.

It was in the Trenches of Western Europe that Jason found a hell unlike any other. His depression was replaced with an uncontrollable rage, as he crawled through trench after trench, killing the enemy in unspeakably violent ways. I'm told he was shot over 700 times, and stabbed almost twice that, but yet, he never died.

Mr. Legacy found him tucked away in a Colorado Sanitarium last year, and began experimenting with a new type of therapy in order to nurse his mind back to civilization. He was an addition I did not make lightly, but Mr. Legacy promised to take full responsibility for him. It goes without saying that I will not deploy Jason Merchant until he is the very last option. I fear that day may fast approach.

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