Wednesday, November 14, 2007


From the journals of Dax Northender


How do you objectively describe the man who killed your first love?

I could fill a book detailing my hatred for Arden Saint Cross, but that wouldn't give you any idea of how dangerous he is. The man is a genius. He has multiple degrees from some of the finest universities in the world. He has a brilliance for engineering, a penchant for archeology, and is one of the planet's leading innovators in theoretical robotics. His should be a mind celebrated by the civilized world, but his greed, ego, and thirst for power overshadow all of his accomplishments.

It is of little surprise that Hitler has commissioned him to run the Panzerwerks Weapons Initiative. A lack of any ethics, and complete disregard for the rest of the human race make him the perfect choice for building a doomsday weapon. Despite all this, I know the way his mind works, and he never would have accepted this job if he didn't have an ulterior move yet to play.

He and I both know the day fast approaches when we will have our final duel. I also know that to reach him, I will have to go through Furia...a prospect I do not look forward to.

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