Wednesday, November 14, 2007


From the journals of Dax Northender

MICAH - Ambassador of AGARTHA
Position: Clairvoyant / Heavy Combatant / Prehistorian
Age: ???
Nationality: Agarthan
Birthplace: Sham-Bala
Code Designation: 2 o'clock

Never has there been a truer friend than Micah. The adventures he's shared with Sam and I have been some of the greatest of my life, and there is no one in this world I trust more. Micah comes from an ancient race of immortals who have spent the last 10,000 years hibernating at the center of the earth. Their continent of Agartha orbits the core of the planet in the hollow world of "Inner Earth." It was Sam and I who awakened him from his suspended animation, and he has been our closest friend ever since.

The Agarthans, as a people, differ from us physically in many striking ways. Their skin, most obviously, is a rich purple. They are significantly stronger than us as well, but perhaps their most defining feature is their third Eye. Though not noticeable when closed, it rests under the skin of their forehead and when opened, allows them to make use of a catalogue of psychic abilities. Micah, specifically, is capable of telepathy, some low-level psychic healing, and his most potent ability: Remote Viewing...the ability to see beyond distance and obstruction. Using this power allows him to keep track of our agents' whereabouts, no matter where in the world they go.

I have trained Micah in the use of conventional firearms, as warfare has changed a great deal from Antediluvian times. Regardless, he still uses his Agarthan pole-arm to greater affect than any other weapon. He is tight-lipped about the metal it was forged from, just as he is maddeningly silent on his own personal history and that of the Ancient World. It would seem that he edits himself out of a desire to protect us from forbidden knowledge. Despite that, he visibly harbors an enmity toward the Harbingers of THULE as though the Agarthans and ancient THULE have a dark and brutal past.

As a man, Micah is impeccable. He is courteous, brave, and loyal, with an old-world sense of right and wrong. Though he seems physically to be of middle age, he tends to speak more like a grandfather than a peer. His experience keeps me humble, and his nuances are a constant fascination to me and the rest of the team.

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