Wednesday, November 14, 2007


From the journals of Dax Northender

Position: Infiltration / Covert Operations
Age: Unknown
Nationality: French
Birthplace: Unknown
Code Designation: 9 o'clock

Noir is the Invisible Man. He is notorious for being able to move undetected, gain access to anywhere, and leave without trace of his passing, save for the smell of Jasmine Incense. In the French underworld, it is said that if you even think Noir is in the room with you, he probably is. But although he terrifies the crime syndicates of Paris, it isn't because he's a vigilante like the Gotham Saint. On the contrary...he is the ruler of them all.

A criminal mastermind of the highest degree, his inclusion in my recruitment list drew a lot of skepticism. In the end however, I knew we would need him. His unequaled stealth and talent for invasion were necessary to our mission. He is also the only man I have ever fought in hand-to-hand combat whom I knew I couldn't beat. Likewise, his criminal empire dissolved over-night when the Nazis took France. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and until Paris is liberated, we have a common foe.

Unofficially, I know that should the need arise, I can count on him for assassination assignments without question. He is a dangerous man to be sure, but he has let slip his weakness to me...he has a singular affection for The Amazing Domino.

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