Wednesday, November 14, 2007


From the journals of Dax Northender

Position: Assassin
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Italian
Birthplace: Unknown
Affiliation: Panzerverks

I've never met anyone who has fought Furia because no one has ever survived her. I'm told that her pedigree is Italian, having been raised in an Assassins Guild known as "The Pheonix." Though their island, and membership were all destroyed some years ago, Furia managed to survive. Because of that, the Intelligence Community sometimes refers to her as "The Last Feather."

She is proficient in the use of all firearms, but her true love is for blades. Her weapon of choice is a light-weight, easily concealed sword, and she's never to be found without a number of throwing knives on her person. She is fast, precise and ruthless, following every contract to the letter. Most recently, she has been in the exclusive employ of Dr. Nemesis, and I suspect the two may even be lovers. Would that we could exploit that as a weakness, but I doubt either one would raise a finger to save the other's life if tested.

Furia poses the utmost danger and should be eliminated at all costs.

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