Wednesday, November 14, 2007


From the journals of Dax Northender

Position: Inventor / Gentleman Adventurer / Team Leader
Age: 36
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Manhattan, NY
Code Designation: Midnight

Though I do plan to write an autobiography some day, I will forego any self-analysis in this instance, and defer to the pen of my good friend, Mr. Legacy.

"Dax Northender does not personify the 20th century. If anything, he exists despite it. In this age where the craftsman has been replaced by the factory worker...the guild overthrown by the union...and the individual celebrated in silence, Dax Northender, having been born centuries too late to rub shoulders with the likes of DiVinci and Gallileo, stands before us, ready to thwart the conventions of our time.

Born the only son of a steel-worker and school teacher, Dax spent his childhood adventuring across the roofs of Manhattan, his mind lost in his mother's books, and his hands absently assembling bits and bobs into brilliant contraptions. You'll still find him across the roofs of Manhattan, but now it's sharing Martinis with the Rockefellers, and toasting his inventions with Kings and Teslas. He's traveled the far reaches of the globe, and seen things his dear mother, God rest her soul, could never have believed nor fished out of those textbooks. As an adventurer, he's as steady as the stars. As a physique, he is a sculptor's dream, and a woman's prayer. As a compass, he is without equal.

A more courageous man I have never met, nor a finer husband nor colleague of the human spirit. Pray, dear friends that he never finds his lost Atlantis...lest we in the twentieth will have lost him forever."

-Mr. Legacy

Excerpt taken from Dax's introduction at the Archaeological Society's Awards Banquet, Manhattan, 1937.

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