Wednesday, November 14, 2007


From the journals of Dax Northender

MAX BINARY - "Robot Killer"
Position: Robotics Specialist / Astronomer
Age: 39
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO.
Code Designation: 5 o'clock

Max has saved the world 8 times...if you've read his dime-store novels. The true Max Binary is actually far less spectacular and a lot shorter than the covers depict him, but his cybernetic armor is entirely real.

Some years ago, Max discovered a radio signal being transmitted from Planet X, heralding a Robot Invasion of the planet. Max managed to overwhelm one of the first mechanical attackers (through some questionable means,) and reverse- engineer a suit of armor from the robot's body. He then came to the aid of myself, Ace Maelstrom, and others, as we fought against the otherworldly horde.

But for all his courageous action, Max falls short on the personal qualities a hero should have. He is egotistical, loud, and inappropriate in social settings. He perpetually feels as though his intellect should afford him more press, fame, and women than he gets, and is consistently at odds with Ace out of jealousy over the matter. Personality-wise, I was hesitant to recruit him, but his robotic armor, its weapons and capacity for aerial combat, were just too necessary to our mission.

Also, unless I miss my guess, there may be an off-world intelligence aiding our adversaries. Should that prove-out, having an astronomer like Max on hand will become invaluable

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